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Our gorgeous Coastal range evokes the feel of a well-loved, homely interior, there to give a warm backdrop to everyday life. Coastal has a tactile, weathered look and feel. It features our unique ‘french-washed’ finish, where the surface of the oak has been brushed and softly coloured. A pleasing, decorative saltire motif appears across the range, adding to Coastal’s unique appeal.

As with all of our ranges, each piece within this range is designed to match and complement the other pieces within the range.

As is standard with all our furniture, each piece is crafted by expert joiners from the finest cuts of premium grade solid oak. Time-honoured techniques, such as the dovetail joints and solid oak runners on all drawers, ensure that the furniture is exceptionally robust and durable – so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Coastal is a range that’s easy to live with. Solid oak throughout, the softened finish and strong construction give a reassuring sense of solidity. The saltire is used to good effect across the range. Beading features on drawer fronts, and chunky, wooden button knobs. At Oak Furniture Land, we design our ranges so that the furniture matches across all rooms in the home. Every piece is made from solid hardwood throughout – in this case, french-washed oak – including all backs and bases. The drawers have dovetail joints for strength. In addition to this, Oak Furniture Land always has free delivery available.

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