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A well-crafted dresser is an indispensable piece of furniture. Dressers are nearly always included in bedroom sets, but they can also be used to complement a hutch in the dining room or a coffee table in the living room.

Each dresser you see below belongs to a larger collection of matching furniture, in solid oak or solid mango. All of our dressers are crafted with robust dovetail joints and solid hardwood linings in every drawer.

The dresser, also known as a bureau or chest of drawers, has roots stretching back to late medieval Europe. Modern dressers are typically designed to reach shoulder or waist height, and often come with a mirror on top if they are shorter.

Older dressers are often found in walnut or mahogany, but oak dressers remain the most popular choice thanks to their timeless appearance. Unfortunately it is becoming common practice nowadays to build dressers with cheaper materials, such as MDF, particle board, or veneer. However, we remain true to traditional methods and use only premium-grade hardwood in all our furniture. Each drawer is crafted using robust dovetail joints, which are renowned for their strength and durability.