Dreamy Bedroom Ideas

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. A private place we go to retreat and recharge from our day and one which is rarely seen by anyone other than our immediate families.

However, because they are rarely seen by guests, we often pour our love, attention, and budget on our common rooms, neglecting this most precious of refuges. The truth is our bedroom should be an oasis for us – a space where we can truly retreat and recharge our batteries. So it’s worthwhile to take the time to create a bedroom we love to start and end our day.

If you’re looking for tips for creating your own dreamy bedroom, we’re sharing plenty of inspiration for your own slice of heaven.

Calm & Minimal

earth toned rustic bedroom with oak furniture

Craving a calm, uncluttered sanctuary? Look to minimalistic design choices to create your perfect dreamy bedroom. Incorporate plenty of storage and look to add color via calming neutral shades.

In a more minimal space, texture is key to creating warmth and interest. Paint effects that resemble concrete or plaster is a great way to add a touch of luxury to walls alongside thick textiles and natural materials.

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Graphic Paint Effect

earth toned bedroom with curved painted walls

For a simple but creative way to bring in color and movement, consider a different kind of paint effect on one wall, using complementary colors in interesting shapes. Get creative with arches and circles or keep it simple with graphic triangles and rectangular shapes. 

You can do this freehand, outlining with a pencil where each color should go and painting within those lines or tape off each section with painter’s tape for a crisp line.

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Boutique Hotel Style

Scandinavian style bedroom with conjoining bathroom

Want your bedroom to give the feel of an exclusive boutique hotel? Carve out space for the ultimate in luxury – a free-standing tub to wash away your worries before crawling into bed.

Forgo traditional lamps on your nightstand in favor of wall lights and consider where you might add color in unexpected places. We love how the wall between the bath area and the bedroom area is highlighted with a punch of peachy-pink. 

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Maximalist Style

White painted furniture with geometric rug

While many default to calming colors for their bedroom oasis, those who love maximalist styling don’t necessarily need to prescribe to this thinking. If you love bold risk-taking interiors, consider adding some fun details to your space with color and texture.

After all, your bedroom is all about you! So reflecting your unique taste throughout your home can also include a lively and exciting bedroom that’s all about bringing your personality into the space.

Here are seven more ways to embrace color and pattern in your home.

Cozy Cocoon

blue green toned bedroom with oak double bed

If you are considering embracing a darker palette in your home, there’s no better place than in the bedroom. A deep color on the walls will create a cocoon-like feeling, creating an intimate environment perfect for relaxation.

Look for deeper shades of your favorite colors – from charcoal grey to petrol blue, eggplant purple, deep burgundy or forest green. Lighter furniture and saturated hues will pop against this darker backdrop so be sure to pull in plenty of color and texture in your accessories too.

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Traditional Details

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with original period details, embrace these with glamorous touches throughout. Pull in Parisian style with an ornate chandelier and luxurious velvet accessories alongside a deep pile rug over wooden flooring.

Finish off the space with a mix of furniture that draws inspiration from traditional design as well as more contemporary pieces for the perfect blend of old and new.

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Contemporary Details

Grey panelled loft conversion bedroom with industrial style bed

If you are lacking in architectural interest in your bedroom, then consider adding them to the space instead. We love how a simple panel detail draws the eye up and around the space in a thoroughly contemporary way.

Look out for crisp industrial pieces and rounded shapes in your furniture to warm up the room and add further detail with a paint effect that wraps around the entire lower half of the walls.

Bring the Outdoors In

White painted bed with geometric throw

What better way to bring in a restful and rejuvenating look than calling on the Great Outdoors for inspiration? Green is one of the most relaxing colors of the spectrum and using varying shades – from soft mint to deep khaki is a great way to connect with nature.

Take it further by incorporating houseplants in ceiling and floor planters for an updated take on soft jungle style alongside plenty of texture, rustic pieces, and light, bright painted furniture.

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