Bold Statements in Small Spaces

We are often told by the so-called ‘rules of design’ that if you have a small space, you should take care to use soft, light neutral colors to make it look bigger. The good news is, every rule is made to be broken, so why not infuse your smaller spaces with bags of personality instead?


St Ives 3+2 Chest

In fact, there’s no reason to limit your choices when it comes to small room decorating. Choosing bold rich paint colors can actually make those bijou spaces come to life, making them more exciting and more fun as well as infusing your own personality and style into the space.

French Farmhouse display cabinet

If you’re ready to break some rules, we have plenty of tips for creating bold statements in small spaces in your own home.

Bold First Impressions

Hercules console table

You only get one chance to make a first impression so why not make it count? Like our example above, your entrance hallway is normally just an area you pass through so choosing bold, statement-making hues can be a fun way to try out more saturated colors.

In our example above, a warm wash of saturated coral draws the eye in this small space, creating a fantastic focal point and the very best of first impressions.

Try an Energetic Wallpaper

Alto bed and Bevel bedside table

While you may shy away from using a bold wallpaper in your own bedroom (and truthfully, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have it), why not try it first in a guest bedroom?

Even smaller spaces look wonderful with wallpaper and in a guest bedroom which is not used quite as often, there is little chance you’ll tire of it quickly. We love a bold tropical or floral-inspired paper to bring the outdoors in and you might just find you love it enough to try it in your own bedroom too.

For more tropical space inspiration, you’ll love this post on the trend.

Brave Shades in The Bedroom

Kemble bedside table

If you feel ready to throw the rule book out, a small bedroom could be a great space for a saturated makeover with bright, rich colors.

We love this look with a vivid pink hue on the walls and equally bright shades of blue and plum for the bedding too. While this look might not be for everyone, there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun with a mix-and-match approach if you love it.

Warm Inviting Color Blocking

Hercules bedside table

Of course, it’s still possible to create an expressive space without bright color. We love this inspiring bedroom, using color blocking in warm rust and terracotta shades and with contrasting accessories and soft furnishings in mustard and lilac.

Try taping off a pattern on the wall with painter’s tape, or go freestyle with a pencil, painting within the lines you’ve drawn. The beauty of more organic shapes is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, simply have fun with combining paint colors you love.

Love this look? Check out our post on using sunbleached terracotta shades here.

Richly Textured Workspace

Kemble dressing table

Darker, more saturated hues can also go a long way in creating statement-making interiors. Bring together darker paint colors and highly-textured surfaces for an interesting take on small-space design.

We love how this office space combines painted and natural wood furniture against a natural log wall, sandwiched between deep blue walls. You can get a similar look with a richly textured wallpaper in grass cloth, or try looking out for brick-pattern-effect wallpapers too.

For more inspiration on dark moody spaces, check out our post here.

Statement Making Monochrome

Trinity dining table

The stark contrast of black and white is another great way to bring bold statement-making style to your small spaces. This is a look that never dates so it pays to go bold, choosing a patterned wallpaper for the walls or a black and white pattern tile for the floor. 

This inspiring bijou dining room uses this classic combination that can easily be adapted in any small space. We’d recommend choosing a few natural oak or grey painted furniture pieces to act as a bridge between dark and light and give your eye a spot to rest.

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