Delicate Pastels: Ways to Bring Muted Styles into Your Home

While gray and beige shades have dominated neutral palettes in our homes for the last few decades, the tides have turned as we welcome more color into our interiors. The new wave of pastels is the perfect choice for Spring – soft dusty ice cream shades are no longer the mainstay of a child’s bedroom but can be embraced in any room in your home.

Bella vanity table

Create a fresh, calm feel with everything from muted peach, sky blues and dusty greens, perfectly teamed with natural wood tones or more saturated pairings. If you’re looking to add pastels to your home but don’t want a ‘nursery’ vibe, we have all the tips to confidently using these new neutrals in your home.

Bring the Outside In

Original Rustic bedside table

A soft pale green is the obvious backdrop for a look inspired by nature in a room that welcomes in plenty of house plants. This pastel green color marries beautifully with wood tones for a natural vibe and combined with other soft neutrals like gray and blue and layering different textures like wood, rattan or ceramics creates an easy-going bedroom scheme that encourages relaxation.

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Embrace Ombre

St Ives hatch

To create more depth and interest in your home, consider an imperfect ombre effect on your walls as we see in our example above. Start with a saturated shade on the bottom of the walls and then work in layers, adding a small percentage of white paint in stages and blending in between. Work your way up the wall until you reach the palest pastel version of your chosen color.

Modern Color Blocking

Bevel nightstand

Create a contemporary feel in your home with a combination of pastels and more saturated tones that sit close to each other on the color wheel. Above, a peach paint color creates a focal point as a feature wall and other complimentary warm pastels are brought in as accents with accessories. 

From the artwork and ornaments to the color block pillow, the tones blend beautifully, creating a warm and inviting look that’s easy on the eye.

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Pastel Pattern Mix and Match

Hercules dresser

With brighter, more saturated colors, combining patterns carries with it the risk of clashing and a feeling of over-stimulation. Mixing and matching patterns using pastels, however, is far easier and won’t overwhelm your senses. Consider layering everything from stripes and spots to graphic shapes, diamond prints and more all within a similar colorway to add creative expression and a fun touch to your interiors.

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Partner Pastels with Crisp White 

Bella tallboy

If you’re hoping to create an airy look in your home, bring in plenty of crisp white as a backdrop to your chosen pastel shades. Pair white walls and white furniture with touches of warm natural wood with your favorite pastel shade for a bright and breezy look this spring and summer. 

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Sophisticated Neutrals

Oslo console table

Finally, consider layering pastel shades just as you would any neutral colors in your interiors for a fresh interpretation of grown-up sophistication. From the palest pink to soft blues, lilac and breezy blues, these shades combine beautifully when generously layered with other soft neutrals like gray, creams and natural wood tones

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