First Home Furniture 

Congratulations! You found the perfect house, you’ve got the keys and you’re ready to settle into your very first home. With the excitement of finally being able to decorate however you wish, comes the overwhelming realization that you’ll need furniture from top to bottom.

Where do you start? How do you go about choosing the best pieces for your new home? Our tips will help you navigate where to spend your money to furnish your first home.

What to Remember

neutral themed dining room

The first thing to keep in mind is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rushing to decorate, furnish and accessorize a house within a very short time frame will usually mean you’ve not lived in your home long enough to really understand how best to use the space you have. As a result, rushed decisions may mean you’ll be replacing items down the line that don’t work for you.

Make sure you take measurements of your home first to ensure that the furniture you buy can fit comfortably in the space you have – as well as through any doorways. Keep these measurements with you so that you can refer to them easily when you’re ready to make your purchase.

neutral themed office space

For the rooms discussed here, we’ll start with the most important investment pieces and make suggestions for what you might add over time to complete the space. Remember, it takes time to furnish a home and you’ll find as time goes on, you’ll gain more confidence in terms of styling it and decorating to create a home that feels truly your own.

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The Bedroom Essentials

earthy toned bedroom with double bed

The most obvious and most important place to start is going to be a bed. Given that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, getting a great quality mattress on a well-made frame will be one of your most important investments.

It’s also going to be the star of your bedroom so lookout for a bed frame that you love and that will give you years of enjoyment.

terracotta styled bedroom furniture

You’ll also need a place to store your clothing and accessories so a dresser for folded clothing will likely also be required. If you don’t have closet space, then an armoire will also be essential for hanging clothing. Look out for good quality pieces that are built to last.

blue toned bedroom with sloping ceiling

Once those are purchased, lookout for a set of nightstands which you’ll need on each side of the bed to store any evening essentials as well as providing a place for charging your phone overnight, a glass of water, your favorite reading materials, and a lamp.

white painted modern dressing table with matching mirror and stool

Lastly, while not an essential purchase, over time a vanity can be a great addition to a bedroom which will allow you a spot to get yourself ready as well as providing valuable storage for things like cosmetics and jewelry.

The Living Room and Family Room Essentials

white corner sofa with abstract blue wallpaper

While a good quality bed is an absolute essential for the bedroom, a good quality sofa will be another investment you’ll need to make almost immediately after moving in. Look out for quality construction as well as optimum comfort to ensure it lasts many years.

grey corner sofa with industrial coffee table and greenery

You’ll likely also need a coffee table, as well as a TV stand almost immediately after moving in. Look out for pieces that double as storage to keep things like consoles, remote controls, games or magazines to hand without cluttering up the space.

If you have moved in with a large collection of books, records or the like, you’ll likely also need some good quality storage so assess what kind of storage you’ll need first before parting with your money.

oak tv unit in bay window area with house plants

A sideboard or cabinet is great for storing away items you’d like to keep close to hand but don’t need to display whereas a bookcase is a nice way to show off your book collection or add some display accessories to add some personality to your space.

Over time, you may wish to also add additional seating for guests by way of armchairs or including end tables which will create a more pulled-together room and provide additional areas for lighting or display.

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The Dining Room Essentials

breakfast bar style table in front of big open window

Finally, you’ll very likely want to invest in a good quality dining table and chairs set. This will give you some freedom in terms of entertaining at home as well as giving you the option to have meals somewhere other than the sofa.

british kitchen area with industrial dining table

It can also double as a spot for working, browsing, crafting and organizing. For such a hardworking piece of furniture, you’ll want to invest in the best you can afford to ensure it’s built to last.

curved modern hutch in blue toned kitchen

Look out for valuable storage pieces as well for your dining room. A large buffet is a great way to keep any extra dining sets, linens or silverware and can create a great makeshift bar area as well.

If you would like a spot for displaying your favorite pieces, consider a large hutch that will provide both hidden storage as well as open storage.

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