Interior Color Combinations 2020

One of the most exciting aspects of decorating your space is choosing the colors you’ll be using. With so many options, however, trying to choose favorites can quickly feel overwhelming. Do you go bold and daring or soft and dreamy? Play it safe with neutrals or create drama with vivid brights?

botanical style living room

While there are never-ending options for color combinations, we thought we’d inspire you with some of our most loved schemes for 2020, from timeless classics you’ll enjoy for years to come or trendy shades that will give your home a fresh new look.

Bold Monochrome

monochrome dining room with round table

Is there any more classic combination than black and white? The bold contrasts are perfect in a room that you want to add that bit of extra energy. In a dining room, it works by encouraging conversation and alertness. Soft gray and natural wood soften the impact so consider choosing a few mid-range shades to temper the bold contrasts.

Calming Pastels 

calm colored living room with scandi furniture

Craving a quiet space to relax and unwind? While we may assume neutral colors are the only way to do this, consider the softer side of the spectrum in calming pastels. Here, blush pink, lilac and gray work together to form an easy-living look that’s hard not to love. 

Analogous Color 

analogous blue living room

One easy but effective way to create a color palette is to pull together those that sit next to each other on the color wheel – also known as ‘analogous’ colors. In our example above, shades of blue combine for striking effect with petrol, navy, turquoise, sky blue and purple shades creating an interesting mix. You can try this with warmer shades too. Consider mixing blush pink with orange and burgundy shades.

Earthy Neutrals with a Twist

earthy toned bedroom with double bed

There’s been a big move towards the warmer side of the spectrum over the last year in interiors and soft earthy tones of rust, terracotta, and ochre make us feel more connected to nature. Kick this look up a notch by combining them with just a touch of lilac for a bold new take on this trend.

Here are some other easy ways to bring trends into your home.

Bright and Neutral 

calming blue and white toned bedroom with white furniture

If you’re a color lover but fear that using it everywhere may feel overwhelming, then here’s a great lesson in tempering the look and making it so much more liveable. Here, a bold turquoise is softened by the introduction of a warm taupe on the adjoining wall, creating a bold focal point in a calm oasis.

Pop of Color with Neutrals

open plan kitchen living room

Be aware that what percentage of bold color you use within a space will change the whole look and feel. While above we shared a vivid turquoise as the focal point, we see the opposite effect here where a mostly neutral scheme is punctuated with a bright pop of orange in the backdrop. Playing with color combinations as well as how much or little you use can mean the difference between a space that’s high-energy and one that maintains its cool whilst still being interesting and fun.

Loving neutral color schemes? Find plenty of inspiration here.

Warm and Cool 

autumnal colored kitchen with red walls

For an unexpected combination, consider using a cool tone like gray and warming it up with something energizing and warm like rust. We love this daring combination which uses natural wood tones to tie it all together beautifully. Make sure you use each shade in equal measure for a purposeful, brave look.

Rust shades are big news. There’s more inspiration for using them here.

Which combinations will you pick for your space? For even more tips for using color in your home, check out our blog post here.


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