How to Create a Cozy and Creative Family Room

For many of us, the family room is the one area of the home that is made for everyone to enjoy. Aside from the kitchen perhaps, it’s the hub of the home – the place where we come together, relax, enjoy movie nights and catch up with our loved ones. 

In order for it to perform at its best and encourage that family togetherness, there are plenty of things you can do to make your living room a warm and welcoming space that everyone will be drawn to. Here are our top tips to ensure your family room is encouraging everyone to gather, relax and enjoy.

Maximize Seating

Gray sectional fabric sofa. Goodwood Collection.

Goodwood sectional fabric sofa

While a more formal living room will allow for poised and elegant chairs, the family room’s first priority is comfy seating. Consider choosing an L-shaped or corner sofa to maximize the space you have in order to seat every member of the family comfortably.

Look out for furniture that allows you to stretch out and recline and make sure you allow for a few extra seats for visiting family and friends when entertaining. You’ll also want to invest in high-quality furniture to ensure the pieces you choose can keep up with the needs of busy family life.

Comfort is Key

Brown leather recliner sofa. Finley collection.

Finley power recliner sofa

Speaking of comfort, you’ll also want to bring in plenty of additional textiles like thick deep-pile rugs (layer them for a more eclectic touch) or soft ottomans or bean bags to allow younger children to play or relax on the floor. 

Add cushions and throws to sofas and chairs to allow for wrapping up and getting cozy for movie nights and bring in low-level lighting to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Plenty of Storage

Family living room with storage ideas. Kemble collection

Gainsborough fabric sofa / Kemble bookcase / Kemble coffee table / Kemble lamp table

Of course, in a family room, it’s easy to let clutter take over. Be sure to plan in plenty of areas to store books, toys, games and choose furniture with drawers or cabinets to hide away things like game consoles or media players.

Incorporate either built-in shelving units or line freestanding bookcases against your walls and fill with baskets to hide away items until they are needed and then easily cleared up again when not in use.

Creative Color Schemes

Family living room with dark walls

Gainsborough fabric sofa

While decorating your space is as personal as it is subjective, you may want to think about how color comes into dictating the mood of your family room. Bright, saturated colors bring energy into a space and if you are hoping to encourage communication and togetherness, then some colors may assist in bringing that positive energy to your family room.

Consider blue to bring calmness, yellow for positivity and optimism, red for stimulating conversation or green for promoting harmony and balance. Orange will encourage creativity and generate enthusiasm. Think about what your family might need and choose your color schemes accordingly.

Add your Personality

Natural oak bookcase in alcove

Romsey small bookcase

Finally, make sure you bring in items that are personal to your and your family. From family photos to items picked up on your travels to hobbies that you enjoy doing together, all these items can be used in your decorating to make it feel like home.

Think about your family’s favourite and most enjoyable hobbies and interests and bring them into your room to encourage a feeling of togetherness so that everyone is drawn to the space.

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