Promoting Mindfulness with your Home Office Style

We all know that our environment can play a significant role in our well-being. Given that our homes are our sanctuaries, we are encouraged to create an environment that makes us feel safe and relaxed, allowing for rest, creativity and positivity.

Industrial Style Office Desk in botanical home office

It’s easy, however, to neglect the idea of a positive and creative space in a home office environment. It can often be a magnet for clutter, or we may associate the space with negativity. Whether your home office is in a tiny corner of the bedroom or you have a dedicated space, your office can have a big impact on your productivity, your creativity as well as your wellbeing.

rustic themed office interiors in earthy toned room

To help you get the new year off to the right start, we’re sharing inspiration to create your own ideal workspace which will promote mindfulness, assist you in getting creative, feeling focused and nourishing your mind and body. 

Forest Walk Home Office

forest walk home office moodboard

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Thought darker colours were only for drama? Not in the case of our Highgate computer desk and matching display cabinet.  Darker colours can give us a feeling of being cocooned and safe, allowing us headspace for introspection and contemplation whilst the glass front cabinet allows us to display items we feel connected to.

Bring the outdoors in with a wall mural that feels as if you’re on a forest walk (even whilst sitting at your desk!) and draw in the connection with leafy plants and natural materials like leather, wood and linen.

Sunset Hues Home Office

sunset hues home office moodboard

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Surrounding ourselves with the peachy-pink hues of the sunset is another great way to promote mindfulness. The colour pink inspires comforting feelings and reassures our emotional energies.

Our Hove computer desk and Romsey tall bookcase bring in natural light components and a wire grid allows an area to collect images or quotes that are inspiring and motivating. Finish off the look with a floral journal to allow for writing gratitude lists, scripting or simply planning your next great idea.

Create the perfect home working environment in your home, and explore our full collection online now.

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