Thanksgiving Guide

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time to come together as family or friends and give thanks for the food on our tables, the joy we feel coming together and for the gifts we’ve been provided throughout the year.

traditional thanksgiving foods

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If you’re looking for ways to celebrate this most thankful of celebrations, we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide for the best, most delicious Thanksgiving ever. From what to serve to fun activities and creating the most memorable traditions, we’ve got you covered.

While every family will have a different take on this day, we hope these suggestions may spark some creativity and togetherness for your holiday.

Thanksgiving Recipes

pumpkin and chestnut soup recipe

Pumpkin and Chestnut Soup recipe by Archie and the Rug

While many choose to serve the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, you’ll want to ensure you have something for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options that you might want to consider too.

In fact, you don’t even need to serve turkey seeing that the first thanksgiving with the Pilgrims likely included everything from local fowl and venison to seasonal foods they were able to grow and harvest.

mini pumpkin pies on a cake stand

Mini Pumpkin Pies recipe by Archie and the Rug

Get creative with what’s currently in season – butternut squash, green beans, cranberries, yams and more. Hit up your local Farmer’s Market to see what they have and come up with something just a bit different this time around.

Thanksgiving Decorations

pumpkin and chestnut soup recipe

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The overlying message for Thanksgiving has always been around being grateful for what we have. Use this as your theme when decorating and use the great outdoors as your inspiration.

Whether you want to go all out with ideas like Thankful Trees or banners that proclaim the season’s message, bringing the colors of the season into your home is always a nice idea.

Thanksgiving Table Scape

Of course, it doesn’t have to be overly themed. Cut a few colorful branches or dried flowers from your back garden or use fallen branches and wind some twinkling lights around it to bring the cozy feeling of cool fall days inside.

A roaring fire and some candles will also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere along with knitted blankets and soft pillows scattered around your home.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

beige natural toned tablescape

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Expecting a crowd this year? Keep things simple with brown craft paper for your ‘tablecloth’ and set colored pencils down for the kids to allow them to express what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving. 

handcrafted thanksgiving table accessories

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If you’re looking to create something more classic, then a simple burlap runner will give your table a rustic touch. Simply lay along the length of the table and dot candles or lanterns in the middle.

Remember that the food is really the star of the show here so keep the rest of the setting simple to allow it to shine.

Thanksgiving Traditions and Fun Things to Do as a Family

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You may want to go around the table and express what you’re most thankful for this year before dinner is served or enjoy a family football game – whether on the TV or in your yard.

Every family is different but think about Thanksgivings in the past and what you enjoyed doing most as a family – it’s these things that make for memories that last a lifetime. 

feet of an adult and child walking in the woods

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Consider attending your local Harvest Festival, taking a long walk in the woods or enjoying making s’mores around a firepit. You may wish to attend your local place of worship, many of which hold special services on this day or give back to the community by volunteering at your local soup kitchen.

You might also want to choose a favorite family film that you can all watch or pull out a large puzzle, a fun board game or hold a family scavenger hunt.

For even more tips if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, check out our blog post here.

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