17 Expert Design Ideas to Bring the Family Together

We all have rooms in our home that are meant to foster family togetherness. Common areas we share with our kids can be a great idea but sometimes, the reality of getting everyone together in the same room can be a challenge.

Oak curved living room furniture

Romsey Coffee Table / Romsey Tallboy / Romsey Sideboard / Romsey Bookcase

From awkward spaces to awkward teens, how can the décor in your home help you reclaim popular rooms from screens and headphones? We asked some of our favorite interior design bloggers (who are also moms!) their top tips on bringing the family together with design ideas you can apply in your own home, no matter what their age.

The Family Room or Living Room

The Large Corner Sofa

Neutral toned living room furniture

Bevel Side Table / Bevel Coffee Table / Bevel Sideboard / Bevel Display Cabinet

“We have an L shaped sofa and it has been amazing! It’s a large enough space for all of us to snuggle up together. Although you do get arguments on who has the corner section!” Steph Moore, Renovation Bay-bee

“Definitely get a big cozy sofa. We do film nights/afternoons where we all gather and chill out.” Susan Earlam

Plenty of Storage

Industrial Living Room furniture

Brooklyn Coffee Table / Brooklyn TV Stand

“Make sure your family room has plenty of storage, so that games and toys are easily accessible but can then be tidied away.” Rachel Southern, The Ordinary Lovely

“I’d always recommend getting a coffee table that’s big enough for board games so you can have a games night.” Jen Stanbrook, Style Brief

Reading Corner

Oak Display Cabinet with blue armchair

Hercules Side Table / Hercules Display Cabinet

“A cozy reading corner in the family room will encourage your children to be with the rest of the family, rather than hiding away in their bedrooms on their own.” Steph Moore, Renovation Bay-bee

Family-Friendly Kitchen

Industrial Style Dining Table

Brooklyn Dining Table

“If you have the space, then a dining table in the kitchen will encourage eating meals together instead of dinner in front of the TV. It’s also a good place for homework so you can chat while preparing dinner.” Carole King, Dear Designer

White painted office desk

Kemble Office Desk

“Create a homework station in the kitchen/diner so that the kids can do their homework while you get meals prepared or clean up after dinner. Younger children always seem to want to be closer to their parents but household chores sometimes dictate that parents have to be in a certain room. Having a homework station means parents can multi-task by getting their chores done whilst keeping an eye on the kids and helping them with their studies.” Stacey Szyperek, Design Sheppard

“The kitchen table is the perfect spot for homework/coloring whilst the grownups are cooking, or they can join in with the kids, doing some mindful coloring themselves!” Susan Earlam

oak dining table and chairs

“A breakfast bar in the kitchen is perfect if you don’t have space for a table – it’s great for homework or crafting while the adults cook. In my home, the roles are reversed now and I work at mine while the teens cook and bake.” Jen Stanbrook, Style Brief

Dining Rooms That Promote Family Time

“You can always have a hutch or dresser in the dining area full of paper and school supplies and perhaps a little desk or table dedicated to homework. Parents can still lay the table for dinner whilst homework happens. Although if there is no space, the dining table can work just as well.” Stacey Szyperek, Design Sheppard

Oak and gray dining room decor

Romsey Sideboard

“Make it a regular event to sit down for family meals and let the kids join in making the food. Mexican food is a great option – everyone assembles their own taco and the whole experience for them – and us – is fun!” Susan Earlam

Home Cinema

Industrial style TV Unit

Brooklyn TV Unit

“A home cinema is a great idea to get the whole family together instead of each going to their own room to watch their own TV. Personally, I wouldn’t allow younger kids to have a TV in their bedroom but that’s a battle lost once they hit their teens.” Carole King, Dear Designer

“Make family film nights a bit special with popcorn and snacks and you want to make sure you’ve got good sofas and fun lighting.” Jen Stanbrook, Style Brief

A Tech-Free Zone

oak bookcase and living room furniture

Romsey Bookcase / Romsey Side Table

“Decide on a shared area of the home that’s technology-free. When there are no screens, the family is more encouraged to talk rather than stare at their phones.” Lucy Gleeson, Lucy Loves Ya

Make the Room Their Own

White countryside fireplace

Source: Rachel Southern – The Ordinary Lovely

“I like to make sure my children’s artwork is on display mixed in with prints and paintings that we’ve chosen. It’s their home, too, after all.” Rachel Southern, The Ordinary Lovely

“We have a big cork board in the corner of the living room where we pin up the kids’ favorite artwork of the moment and also use it as somewhere to pin all the important things that we need to remember as parents. So, the kids know that anything on that wall is IMPORTANT and it makes them feel good about their creations.” Stacey Szyperek, Design Sheppard

“Flexibility is so important. You want to design rooms to be fluid and adaptable, so they can change as the family grows up.” Jen Stanbrook, Style Brief

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