British Inspired Interiors

From eclectic collections to thatched-roof cottages, bold color and the warmth of home, British homestyle holds a wealth of inspiration. Often inspired by the beauty of the nature that surrounds in the rolling hills of the countryside, the traditional settings of a sprawling estate or the clash of old and new in London’s skyline, the look emphasizes coziness and comfort and often brings the outdoors in.

While décor can be anything from traditional formality to relaxed and contemporary, there’s a focus on function rather than flair. If you’re inspired by the British style, embrace your inner Anglophile and follow our top tips to getting this quintessential look from over the pond.

Mix Tradition with Modernity

blue british bedroom with sloping ceiling

With a wealth of period properties across the Isles, the British have a wonderful way of combining the past with the present. If your own home has period features, ensure these are shown off in their surroundings or consider adding these back to your home if they’ve been removed.

Grey painted bedroom with glass chandelier

Even if your home lacks ornate molding and high ceilings, you can still embrace the look. Choose quality painted furniture with details in the legs and hardware that echoes the look of antiques alongside contrasting pieces with strong, simple lines for the perfect mix of old and new.

Embrace Your Inner Eccentric

open dining room with rustic round dining table

Get creative with your home by embracing a bit of eccentricity in your design, showing off your favorite vintage collections alongside strong and bold color choices.

blue painted reading area with industrial bookcase

Brightly saturated color is the perfect backdrop to comfy velvet seating and contemporary artwork and don’t forget to include plenty of shelving to share your favorite vintage finds.

The Enduring Beauty of Quality

british kitchen area with industrial dining table

The British way of life often celebrates a time when traditional details and careful craftsmanship were a mark of quality and excellence. Furniture is often passed down through the generations, never truly going out of style.

neutral themed dining room

Buck the trend for fast fashion and curate pieces that are made with those prized skills like the incorporation of dovetail joints on drawers and solid quality wood throughout.

Let the Outside In

green toned bedroom with white painted bed

There’s a real connection to countryside living in British interiors and motifs inspired by the landscape are a common theme. From floral fabrics to framed botanicals, the emphasis on nature is everywhere.

breakfast bar style table in front of big open window

Bring the outdoors in with plenty of house plants as well as fresh-picked unfussy floral arrangements and look out for fabrics where patterns incorporate themes of the forest or the meadow. 

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