Glamorous Home Vanities

Is there anything more enjoyable than starting or ending your day with a little ‘me’ time? We may sometimes feel there’s simply not enough time in the day but creating an enjoyable morning or evening ritual may be within our reach with a designated (and glamorous) vanity.

gray painted vanity table in front of large window

This may be for many of us, the ultimate indulgence: a spot to pamper ourselves in relative privacy, rather than fight with other family members for a spot in the bathroom mirror. Whether getting ready for a day at work or an evening out or simply providing your skin with nourishment at the end of a long day, a vanity provides the perfect excuse for spoiling yourself just a little.

If you’re considering carving out a bit of space in your home for your own vanity, our post will provide plenty of inspiration for your own private sanctuary.

Where to Put a Vanity

aegean style workspace

You’ll always want to make the most of natural light when it comes to deciding where to place your vanity. Artificial light, especially overhead, will distort colors making it difficult to know whether you’ve gone a little overboard with the blush. It will also cast unflattering and unnatural shadows on your face so the best place to create a vanity in your home will be in front of a window.

white and oak feminine vanity

Of course, if you don’t have an area in front of a window that can be used, consider carving out a space where you can. An awkward corner or alcove might just be the perfect spot for a small table and chair. Consider giving yourself the Hollywood treatment with a light-up mirror to provide a more evenly distributed light and a more flattering look overall.

What to Put on a Vanity

white modern vanity table with matching stool

Aside from a good quality mirror, you’ll naturally want to store cosmetics and makeup, skincare and jewelry on a vanity. Think about some good organizational storage pieces to corral like with like. 

Acrylic storage is perfect for on top of a vanity, allowing you to see your collection clearly and be able to find exactly the product or shade you are looking for.

White vanity in blue coastal bedroom

Utilize storage within the vanity by keeping any products you won’t use all the time tidied away inside the drawers. For larger pieces like hairdryers or straighteners, consider using an attractive basket for items to be stored, leaving surface areas clutter-free.

For jewelry, practical necklace hangers or trinket dishes will ensure your favorite pieces are always within reach without getting damaged.

Adding Style to Your Vanity

rustic oak vanity with matching stool

Of course, like any area of your home, you’ll want to ensure you bring your own personality to your vanity. Whether it’s your favorite pieces of art hung up nearby to a small vase of flowers, it’s important this private sanctuary is all about making yourself feel positive.

industrial style vanity table in bedroom

Extra touches like a potted plant, a fresh-smelling candle, framed photos of loved ones or decorative accessories will mean you are surrounded by things you love each day.

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