How to create a cozy winter nook

As winter draws in, our thoughts turn to comfort, warmth and intimate evenings curled up with a hot drink. Whatever space you live in, and whoever you share it with, you deserve a cozy nook to snuggle up in at the end of a long day. We offer some inspiration for creating the perfect sanctuary in your home.  

Find the right spot

So, where to put your cozy nook? If your cat-swinging capacity is limited, apply some creative thinking and you’ll find a sanctuary in the smallest of spaces. Loft rooms are wonderful places to create a nook, as are basements, dens and garages. However, you might want to consider how cozy your nook will be in winter months. Under the stairs, or any area where there are alcoves or sloping walls has great potential. 

If your home doesn’t have an obvious place to create your nook, head back to your scout days and create a little tent hideaway in one of your living spaces. Hang swathes of fabric from the ceiling to create a room within a room. Fill with soft blankets, some glow in the dark stars and string lights and you’re all set. If you have little people in your home, this is a particularly lovely idea and a good method for helping them wind down before bedtime. 

Create the right atmosphere

Above all else, creating the right ambience is key. In an ideal world, a wood burning fire would be central to your cozy nook, though it’s not essential for achieving a truly authentic hygge space. 

Lighting is very important – after all, who wants to relax under a mall-style overhead glow? Go for candles, string lights or a shaded lamp, perhaps some subtly-colored lighting. You could even incorporate a relaxing scent with an oil burner in lavender or frankincense. 

If you share your space with others, and your nook could do with an added layer of privacy consider a beaded or net curtain. 

Choosing the right furnishings

Your color scheme will depend on personal preference but undoubtedly warmer hues create a more inviting space. Whatever your palette, steer towards nature-inspired shades and tactile fabrics such as wool and velvet. Avoid anything too minimalistic or focused on one shade or pattern. 

Cushions, in either a sumptuous velvet or a heavy linen are ideal. Go for deep plum, midnight blue or chocolate brown and avoid pastels or distracting prints. You don’t want your attention to be diverted from your longed-for relaxation after all.

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