How to Pick Out Quality Furniture

Investing in furniture can be a daunting prospect. Does spending extra always mean your getting better quality? Or are there specific things you should be looking out for that are the hallmarks of a piece that will last for years?

Oak Bookcase with colorful accessories

Romsey Hutch

Today’s post will help you navigate the waters of choosing quality furniture and the details and small touches that make your furniture look and feel more luxurious so that you can be sure you’re making the best investment for your home.

Why Choose Solid Hardwood?

Oak dining furniture

Reflection Dining Table / Bevel Display Cabinet

A beautiful piece of wood furniture can be a statement in just about any room in your home. And while there are plenty of ways to imitate that look to drive down price, there are endless reasons for looking out for pieces that are made from 100% solid hardwood.

The best quality hardwood timbers materials – from the front of the piece to what’s used for things like the backs of furniture or the drawers – means your chosen piece will last longer and be just like the day you bought it for many years to come, unlike cheaper made options.

Grey painted hutch against red wall

St Ives Hutch

Look at the panelling on the back, over large areas. High quality solid oak and hardwood panels will mean your furniture is less likely to warp or bow, so it will retain its sturdy structure, last longer and retain its elegant look over time.

rustic wood chest of drawers

Original Rustic Dresser

What about the drawers? From the runners to the backs, look for solid hardwood here too. This helps the piece to better hold up to the natural expansion and contraction of wood and will last longer than other constructions. Solid wood used on the base means whatever you place in the drawers won’t bend or bow either.

Dovetail joints may not seem important when they are rarely in view, but this time-honoured carpentry technique will add stability and will stop your drawer fronts from breaking.

Oak Bevelled coffee table and side table

Bevel Lamp Table / Bevel Coffee Table

In fact, many of the traditional techniques are still great markers of quality – from mortise and tenon joints or traditional halving, these small details help furniture last longer, and they look great too.

Why Choose Oak Furniture?

Grey Painted Dining Furniture

Shay Dining Table / Romsey Small Bookcase

Aside from the fact that oak has been used in constructing quality furniture for centuries (there are examples that date back to the Stone Age), there are a few unique characteristics that make it strong, highly workable and strikingly beautiful.

All hardwood is rated on a scale (called the Janka rating) to test its resilience. Oak falls at the perfect place on the Jenka scale which means it’s resilient enough to take the knocks of everyday life, but it’s also resistant to moisture so that it doesn’t expand and contract excessively with different temperatures and environments. Lesser woods (like pine, for instance) will buckle and stick in higher humidity environments but oak stands up to the test.

Why Choose Mango Furniture?

mango wood sideboard against terrazzo wallpaper

Mantis Light Sideboard

First, mango wood is often seen as being particularly striking with a wide range of rich reddish and golden-brown tones. The grain patterns often have dark whorls which enhance the character of any piece.

More importantly, mango wood is highly sustainable. While a mango tree will only produce fruit for 15-20 years, the wood of older trees is used as a bi-product of the fruit industry, meaning they are more eco-friendly as well as perfect for creating long-lasting furniture.

How to Choose a Quality Mattress

oak bedroom furniture with blue colorscheme

Bevel Nightstand / Bevel Bed / Bevel Armoire

One of the secrets to good health is getting a great night sleep. So investing in a great quality mattress could mean the difference between starting each day feeling well-rested or starting it feeling tired, sore or sluggish. It’s an important purchase to consider given how much sleep impacts our overall wellbeing.

bedroom with matching oak furniture

Wiltshire Chest of Drawers / Armoire / Bed / Storage Chest / Nightstand

Pocket spring construction is one element that a great quality mattress will include. The means hundreds of individual springs nestled into individual fabric pockets to offer support across the surface, minimising any sagging and contouring to your shape and providing for quiet and comfortable movement.

oak bedroom furniture against green walls

Galway Nightstand / Bed / Chest of Drawers

Look out as well for pocket spring mattresses that are fully encased in a foam surround. This reinforces the coils and adds an extra layer of support as well as giving you just a bit more space to stretch out. It also means you can sit on the edge of your mattress without fear of damage.

And finally, look for high-performance layers, including memory foam, high resilience foam or pocket sprung pillow tops which provide a touch of luxury, greater support and a better nights’ sleep.

At Oak Furnitureland we care about quality. From 100% solid hardwood all the way through to construction details that are built to last and quality mattresses for the best night sleep, you’ll find high quality at unmissable prices every day.

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