How to Style Accent Chairs

Whether it’s your favorite reading spot, a place to relax with a coffee first thing or somewhere to work when you want to get comfy, an accent chair can be a great addition to just about any room in the home.

With a great selection of accent chairs available, we thought we’d highlight four of our favorites today to share how easy you can style them in your own home.

Enzo Apricot Leather Accent Chair: Spring Sunrise Home Office

Spring sunrise home office moodboard

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In a home office, an accent chair provides the perfect extra seating. Handy whether you have client meetings at home, need a change of scenery with your laptop or simply planning the online grocery shopping with family members.

We love the apricot leather color of our Enzo chair which provides a sunny spot to sit against our Romsey furniture range. Add a few touches of warm pink tones, inspired by the morning sunrise to start your working day right.

Spirit Briar Leather Accent Chair: Desert Nights Living Room

Desert Nights Living Room Moodboard

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In a living room, rich and layered textures create a welcoming oasis, so consider pairing our Spirit Briar Leather chairs alongside the understated elegance of our Mid-century inspired Modish Vintage Tan Leather Sofa.

Finish the look with warm wood accents and desert-inspired artwork and the industrial style of our Brooklyn range of furniture for a luxuriously stylish space.

Temptation Accent Chair: Breezy Botanical Living Room

Breezy Botanical Living Room

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We’re in the living room again but with a totally different feel. The soft white chalky fabric of our Temptations accent chair creates an airy look that only gets better with the inclusion of our matching 3-seater Temptation sofa.

Pair our white fabric seating with a botanical-inspired wallpaper to bring in movement, alongside pieces from our Rustic Solid Oak range of furniture, natural textures, and fabrics, and finish off the look with a shimmering gold mirror to bounce even more light around the room.

Zink Military Green Accent Chair: Warm Natural Bedroom

Warm Natural Bedroom

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Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries so where better than to place a richly tactile accent chair than near a sunny window to admire the view? Whether you use it for late night reading or a spot to pop on your shoes for the day, the additional texture and color go a long way in the bedroom.

We’ve carried the deep military green of our Zink accent chair through to the rest of the space in the mustard, pink and green rug and coordinating cushions alongside our Mantis Light Natural Solid Mango furniture.

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