How To Use The Power of Manifestation To Attract Your Dream Home

Whether you’re buying your first home or want to create a more positive atmosphere in your current home, the power of an intention-focused approach can help you move forward in this new stage of your life.

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As one of the leading manifestation coaches and content creators in the UK, I understand the importance of creating a life filled with magic, from your heart to your home. Through my blog ( and online community, I help people understand the power of positivity and how to turn their dreams into reality with a little help from the universe through manifestation.

What exactly is manifestation?

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The basic principle of manifestation is to ask, believe, receive. This was first brought to the attention of many through the book The Secret, which explains the law of attraction and how you can attract things into your life through the power of your thoughts. The idea is the more positive thoughts and actions you put out into the universe, the more you receive back.

How do you manifest your dream home?

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There are a few simple strategies that you can learn to make your new dream home a reality:

1. Be specific 

The more specific the better. Think of it as writing a cosmic shopping order in the universe. Take the time to write a list of everything you’d love your dream home to have. Do you want a garden? A pantry? A large family bathroom? A log burning fireplace?

2. Ask the universe 

You can do this by creating a vision board filled with pictures of everything you want to attract in your dream home. You can do this on Pinterest, filling a board with your cosmic shopping list vitals, but truth be told, I like the old school way of getting crafty by cutting out pictures and creating a physical vision board you can see every single day.

3. Believe your dream house is on its way to you 

This is potentially the hardest step. How do you believe something is yours without ever having it? The key is to close your eyes every day before you go to sleep and visualise the day when you get the keys and walk around your dream house. For this to be as powerful as possible, you need to really feel how excited you’ll be when your offer is accepted, and you realise your manifestation came to fruition.

4. Feel the feelings 

This is one of the most powerful tools of the law of attraction because as mentioned earlier, the energy you put out is the energy you attract back. Therefore, if you put out into the universe that excited and happy feeling of finding your dream home, she has no choice but to match that energy with the same thing – your dream home.

5. Take inspired action towards your goal

Yes, you can sit on the couch and wait for the perfect place to appear, but by making your intentions clear to the universe and then taking steps towards it, you’re showing the universe you mean business and she can deliver at a much quicker rate. 

How exactly can you take inspired action? You could drive around the area, having a coffee in the place you believe will be your local baristas. You could start to plan your housewarming gathering. You could take a walk around the streets you vision living in. Sign up to local agents so you’re the first to know when a property becomes available.

6. Open your mind to receiving

Once you’ve got into the mindset of believing, you need to open your mind to receiving. How do you do this? The key is not to worry about the how and the when, but remembering to keep your eyes and ears open to signs sent from the universe that your new house is on its way. It sounds a little kooky right? But trust me when I say, if you ask the universe for a sign, she will deliver.

Maybe a friend will mention a house has come free in the area, or you’ll suddenly see an email from an agent. Perhaps you’ll overhear a conversation about a new development that sparks your interest. The thing to remember is the universe will deliver exactly what you need at the time you need it.

7. Be Grateful 

Finally, you can’t expect good things to appear without being thankful for what you have currently. Gratitude plays a huge part in the law of attraction and paying thanks for the home you have at the moment helps to raise your vibrations and feel in a more positive frame of mind while you’re attracting something new.

Which leads nicely onto the next point of creating a more positive home environment to help attract a little magic into your life.

How to attract good energy into your home

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There are a number of steps you can take to attract good energy into your home, starting with:

1. Decluttering

Spend time decluttering and organising your home to rid of negative energy. There’s a reason why people say decluttering is good for the soul, as it allows you to create space not only in your home, but in your head as physical mess can often lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

2. Sage

A more spiritual inspired tip is to burn sage or smudge sticks through each corner of each room in the house, opening your windows to allow any stagnant energy to escape. Be sure to carry a plate underneath your sage sticks to make sure ash doesn’t fall on your carpet. A house fire isn’t on our vision board.

3. Creating a welcoming environment

Wanting to move doesn’t mean you can’t design a home you look forward to returning to each day now. Purchase your favourite scents, hang pictures of family and friends, create a reading nook with throws and cushions, build a coffee bar where you can reside on a morning before the day starts – create a home you love now, and you’ll see a shift in your happiness I guarantee. 

4. Positive affirmations

When we speak of positive affirmations, we’re often met with a judgemental eye roll. But there is real science behind the language we choose to use. For example, when we use negative language to describe ourselves, our brain will then go in search of evidence to prove this is correct. It will pull out a memory or thought that shows that, yes, we are correct in using that negative language as “x” happened previously. But the beauty in this is, we can use positive affirmations to rewire our brain so it searches in our database for evidence to prove we’re right about the positive language we use.

For example, positive affirmations for your home could include:

“I feel safe and loved at home”

“My home is a sanctuary”

“I love waking up in my house every single morning, excited for what the day brings”

“I have a beautiful home”

“My home is filled with love”

The key is to write and speak these affirmations every single day. Doing this daily reaffirms to your subconscious part of the brain that this must be something you believe. It might take 2-3 weeks, but if you do this daily, I can guarantee you will start to feel much happier and more positive in the home you live in now because you are purposely rewiring your brain.

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Whether you’re looking to create a more positive home environment, or you are looking to manifesting your forever home, hopefully, these tips will help you on your way to building a life you dream about in 2020.

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