Storage Tips for Making the Most of Unused Spaces

We all have areas in our home that we’re just not sure what to do with. Whether it’s smaller, awkward spaces, nooks and alcoves or on the other side of the spectrum, expanses of blank walls or open plan areas, they simply feel like a wasted opportunity.

Leave it bare and it feels like something is missing, fill with whatever spare furniture you have, and it looks like an afterthought. If you’re looking to fill these voids in your home, we’re sharing some clever ideas to make even the most awkward space work for you.

The Bedroom Alcove

white and oak feminine vanity

While we may put the alcoves in our living room to good use in a period property as a spot for the television, in other rooms, these recesses may just be going to waste.

If you have the space, an armoire may be your first choice for alcoves in the bedroom, creating additional storage. If that’s not needed or the space available is too narrow, consider utilizing the spot for a vanity and stool or a small dresser with a mirror above as the perfect spot to get ready in the mornings.

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The Bay Window

oak tv unit in bay window area with house plants

Another hallmark of many period properties is the large bay or box window protrusions at the front of the home. While they let in plenty of light, their awkward size and shape often make it difficult to really know what to use the space for.

A smaller piece of furniture can be a great way to incorporate additional storage in the space and the reduced height of a television unit may be the perfect option that won’t block the view. Rather than use the unit for the TV, fill the shelves with books or decorative pieces and create a gathering of houseplants in interesting vessels on top. They’ll love the sunny spot and you’ll love the fact you’re utilizing precious space that would otherwise go to waste.

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Under Windows

calm white workspace with white shutters

Moving away from bay windows, you may just have a large window in your home in which the area around it is simply unused space. While you may not have the wall space for a larger piece of furniture, the area under the window can often be the perfect spot for a desk.

Rather than working whilst facing a solid wall, maximize this awkward space with a desk and stool to take advantage of the view as well as the light coming into the room.

The Empty Corner

colorful reading nook in corner of living room

While a larger room may feel like an advantage, filling the space can pose its own set of challenges. Empty corners might be layout nightmare but zoning these areas with a purpose is the best way to make good use of this unused space.

Consider creating a small reading nook for these spots, an invitation to sit and read in a quiet, comfortable area away from the noise and distractions of everyday life. A tall bookcase and one or two small accent chairs will fill the spot nicely. Don’t forget a floor lamp and a small end table to set your chosen drink on too.

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The Large Blank Wall

Monochrome office space

If you are lucky enough to live in a more unconventional home like a converted warehouse, loft space or barn conversion, you’ll love all the space you’re provided. But with these larger spaces come large expanses of walls that need to be addressed.

As above, zoning areas are a great way to break up the space nicely without impacting the overall feeling of space. Consider framing wallpaper to create a unique focal point and utilizing this area for a home office.  

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Between Spaces in an Open Plan

botanical styled display unit

Speaking of open plan areas, creating a feeling of coziness is normally a challenge. With no walls to surround those all-important zones, you may be looking for ways to create intimacy and a sense of enclosure.

Shelving units are a great way to add some height and a visual barrier between open plan areas. Fill them with plants to bring the outdoors in. You may want to look out for pieces that you can either see through or that look great from the back too as you’ll be viewing these pieces from all angles.

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