Behind the Scenes of Noelle’s Room to Dream Makeover

Oak Furnitureland selected the Room to Dream Foundation as its first U.S charity partner. The organization creates healing environments for children and adolescents facing debilitating illnesses.  As the foundation’s exclusive furniture partner we will be providing furniture for six mini extreme makeover projects.

Our first Room to Dream Foundation makeover was for Breslyn and her sister Noelle.  We talked with Taniya Nayak and Soramy Le of Taniya Nayak Design about where they found inspiration for the designs and some of the specific design challenges for Noelle’s room.

Breslyn’s build included a makeover of her sister’s room. How did you approach Noelle’s design?

TN: First, we brightened up the color of her room and she really wanted a loft bed so we added one to create more space. There was a staircase at the other side of one of the walls. So there was actually depth but really awkward height so that’s where California Closet’s came in but they could only do so much with that space. So the dresser and the desk were really important. 

Photo credit: Michael Lee

SL: We used the vanity table from Oak Furnitureland as a desk. It’s a bit smaller in size, which was the perfect fit for Noelle’s bedroom – plenty of space for all her homework needs!

Photo credit: Michael Lee

TN: And the other thing too that was really great was the placement. So can you just imagine being a kid going from sitting in a dark room doing your homework to sitting by the window and doing your homework with natural light.  I feel like her grades will be better and she’ll be more motivated to work. 

Photo credit: Michael Lee

Noelle loves to read so we gave her a book stack. And now within that limited square footage she now has a desk, place for her clothes and a hangout area. Can you imagine? And we did garden lights underneath so when the lights are off and the garden lights are on it is so soothing.

And you did something very unique with the mirror at the top of the wall, tell us about that.

Photo credit: Michael Lee

TN: We hung the Oak Furnitureland mirror up at the top so that when she’s up on her loft she doesn’t feel like she’s in a confined space. And it reflects the light from the window. The mirror fit perfectly right there. 

TN: Across the board it’s always about having a creative way to store things without feeling like cleaning. It has to be so accessible. For example with the rainbow shelving, I think it’s going to help her to keep it organized because it’s color-coded. 

We did the hot air balloon baskets and they’re on a pulley system so she can put her stuffed animals in it. Even though it’s a little more complicated, it’s fine.  For a little kid that likes basketball you can do a little hoop with the laundry basket so they can throw their dirty laundry in there. Just finding a fun way to keep your room somewhat organized.

Photo credit: Michael Lee

And of course movies have a huge impact on color trends. Typically a lot of girls would lean towards pink and now with movies like Frozen blue is the color that I’ve seen shifting. Disney movies play a huge role in trends for kids.

And kids still love bright colors- especially pre-teen. When you’re a child you have so many bright colors because it evokes such happiness and such a great feeling but for some reason, as we get older we strip all of that away. Maybe it’s because when we get older we want less stress and we want more calm surroundings around us but it doesn’t hurt to have a little… evoke a little spark of joy in your life. If fuchsia is the color that makes you happy, go for it.

Photo credit: Jim Barbere

To find out more about Noelle’s sister, Breslyn’s makeover, read here.

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