Q&A with Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein, is an interior designer, stylist and lifestyle & travel blogger, and the talent behind Oh I Design Studio, located in Boston, MA. Oh I Design is a creative studio focusing on residential interior design, boutique commercial design, styling, e-design and organisation.

We sat down with Jessica to find out how she got into interior design and what inspires her as a creative…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into interiors? 

My name is Jessica Klein and I’m the owner of Oh, I Design – an interior design studio and lifestyle blog based in Boston. I was one of those lucky ones that knew what they wanted to do from a young age. I didn’t know it was going to be interior design, but I knew it was going to be in a creative field. 

Q&A with interior stylist Jessica Klien, Boston

My neighbor was an artist and interior decorator and she helped us with our home growing up and it was fun to make some decisions with her. I truly cared about my room and loved to reorganize and find unique ways to make my room better. So after graduating from high school, I went to Oklahoma State University where I got my degree in Interior Design. After graduating my husband (then boyfriend) and I moved to San Diego and that’s when my blog started. I got some experience and then when found out we were being relocated to Boston, in 2015, I decided to go out on my own.

What’s the biggest interior design lesson you’ve learnt?

Every single project will cost more than you think and something will come broken or incorrect. It’s how you handle the situation that makes you a good interior designer.

Galway storage chest

I really love all the rattan and cane detail I’m seeing. 

If you could pick two pieces of furniture to update this season, what would they be and why?

Our master bedroom bed and dresser. We’ve had the bed for years and I think it’s about time we upgrade to something a bit more our style.

How do you make statement pieces of furniture like bookcases, hutches and sideboards, appropriate for the season?

In terms of the decor placed on these pieces, I like to style with a lot of books and decor that is not seasonal. A healthy mix of neutrals and color will last throughout each season. I’m also not a huge holiday decor person so I don’t change out a lot of decor for these types of occasions.

 Natural oak bookcase against sage green wall

Oakdale bookcase

What are some ways to make your bookcase feel refreshed? 

Take everything out of your bookcase, clean it thoroughly, and then put everything back with a new vision in mind. You can never have too many books in my opinion.

What key pieces do you swap out to make your home ready for the new season? 

Mostly linens – things like pillows, bedding, and throws.

Looking at living rooms specifically, what pieces can you invest in that are great for summer, but work all year ’round as well?

I always recommend investing in the larger furniture pieces and save on the accents – a blend of high and low. So invest in a nice sofa that is not only comfortable but also durable and well-made.

Galway storage chest

What are your go-to colors for Summer? 

Right now I’m really loving a soft sage green and a light grey-blue.

If you could pick one item that would make a home look more Summer ready, what would it be?

Fresh flowers.

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