Softened Industrial Interiors

While there is a certain raw appeal to the urban warehouse look, the latest incarnation of this trend sees industrial style’s hard edges get a sophisticated overhaul. Sharp angles and harder shapes are balanced with soft curves and textiles and pale, pretty shades partner effortlessly with moody grays and blacks. 

Industrial style office desk and stool with indoor plants and accessories

While the foundations of industrial style are still apparent, this softened approach creates a harmonious look where contrasting elements come together with surprisingly beautiful results.

Contrast Hard and Soft

grey corner sofa with industrial coffee table and greenery

When we think of industrial style, we immediately consider the elements that are normally used. Concrete, visible steel structures, brick walls and reclaimed wood play a vital role in creating the urban loft look. While these add vital texture, they can read rather cold and uninviting in a home. 

The most important step in softening these elements is to bring in softer textiles to create a cozy feel. Deep pile rugs, knitted cushions, fluffy throws, and soft fabrics will contrast beautifully against these elements, creating a warm and effortless feeling that’s easier to live with.

Bring in Rounded Shapes

Industrial style coffee table. Brooklyn collection.

The second step in creating a softened industrial style is to contrast the harder straight edges with plenty of curve appeal. Consider a round or oval coffee table in the living room or a large circular mirror to bounce light around the room.

Smaller accessories will also add much-needed softness to a scheme so consider bringing in round wooden serving bowls in your kitchen shelving or rounded trays to gather your keys and post in your entryway. Look out for these shapes which will create a balance to harder edges.

Soften Your Color Palette

industrial style nightstand with books and indoor plant accessories

While industrial style tends to use cooler colors like gray and black as the predominant shades, widening your color palette is a great way to soften the look and add a surprisingly fresh take.

Bring in warmer colors like soft mochas and taupe, ochre yellow or deep rust which will contrast and warm up the look for a more appealing balance. Even pastel shades like dusty pink or peach can work beautifully to harmonize and update cooler elements.

Look out for metallics that have a warmer hue as well – antique brass, brushed brass and copper will all go a long way in creating warmth and can easily mix and match with other metallics in your space.

Add Touches of Organic Elements

Industrial style home office. Brooklyn collection.

Finally, be sure to bring natural, organic elements like plants and flowers into your home. Just as green spaces add life to any urban landscape, greenery in your home will add another layer of warmth to an industrial-style home.

Consider hanging plants from your ceiling or creating a grouping on plant stands along a sunny window. Contrast leaf shapes and sizes – from small succulents on your coffee table to large leafy trees in the corners of your room – to create your own urban jungle.

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