How to Create a Welcoming Home Entrance

Your home entrance is normally the very first impression you make when welcoming visitors to your home. It’s also the first thing you see when you walk into your door after a long day. While too many of us consider this space as just a through-way into the other rooms in our home, it’s so much more than that.

Console table accessorized with plants

Go beyond the simple welcome mat and create a space that not only works hard but looks its best as well. Our simple tips will help you to create a welcoming home entrance and the very best first impression. 

Organize the Clutter

oak hallway storage with coats and shoes

Your entryway can often become a magnet for clutter. Shoes, bags, coats and more can pile up and create a messy first impression if you ignore your storage requirements. If you don’t have a coat closet in your entryway, consider choosing a freestanding hallway stand which will corral all these items in a stylish and practical way.

Add a few cushions to a comfy bench as an invitation to sit and remove shoes and assign a cubbyhole to each member of the family – no more looking for stray shoes first thing in the morning! Simple baskets are another great way to store gloves, scarves and more. 

Choose Space-Saving Furniture

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If you have a narrow entrance hall, consider bringing in storage pieces that make the most of the space you have. A console table with drawers and shelves will do double-duty in your entranceway, providing a place to stash keys, sunglasses and more as well as providing a surface that can be used to hold both practical and decorative items.

Look out for pieces that mimic the style of furniture you have in the rest of your home. Simple, streamlined pieces work well in a home that has a more contemporary or minimal look whilst consoles with more traditional details will fit right into a period or rustic property.

Incorporate Lighting

rustic oak console table in entranceway

For many, lighting is often an afterthought in terms of designing your rooms but in a smaller area like an entranceway, adding additional lighting other than an overhead fixture is a great way to add layers to your space.

A lamp will create a calming ambiance in the evening while wall lights can be used to gently illuminate a longer hallway. Consider adding at least 2-3 different light sources in your entryway to change the mood of the space with just a flick of the switch.

Create Calm with Color

parquet style console table against green panelled wall

What mood do you want your home to inspire when you walk through the door? If it’s a calming and relaxing sanctuary, we may immediately look to neutral palettes to provide a restful look but this doesn’t mean that color needs to be off-limits.

There are fewer more restful shades than those used in nature. Green is often considered one of the most calming colors and so it may be your perfect shade to bring the outside in.  Natural wood tones and accents of brass will add dimension to this palette, creating a warm and welcoming space to greet you.

Go Bold with Color

terracotta hallway with oak console table

On the other side of the (literal) spectrum, you may want to create an energized and creative feel when you or others step into your home. Once again, choosing your colors wisely will help set the mood. 

Bold, saturated shades will energize a space, giving your home a unique and creative flair. Consider painting your door in a bold shade or create a unique focal point using blocks of color. Add pattern and texture with a bright rug for an energizing and inspiring look.

Add Your Home’s Personality

parquet style small bookcase in entranceway

Finally, every home and those which occupy it is unique. We may lavish attention on the common rooms in our home or those in which we entertain guests but why wait to show off your personality? 

The books we read, the art we choose, the colors we paint the walls, the pieces we’ve picked up in our travels and so much more share a bit of our personality within our homes. Not only that, these objects create the feeling of home as soon as we walk through the door. Create a sense of sanctuary by bringing in items that reflect you and your family’s interests and style with art and accessories that allow your own unique look to shine.

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