Our practical and elegant collection of chests in stunning solid oak and mango styles is the ideal storage solution to de-clutter your home.

FROM $399

The ultimate in storage for your home, a chest or trunk can make a real impact in many different rooms in your home, helping you declutter with style, thanks to its great design features.

In the bedroom, a chest is a staple at the foot of the bed, holding blankets, linens and out-of-season clothes. In the living room, it can double as a coffee table, acting as a striking display surface while hiding clutter out of sight. As our furniture is only made from 100% real hardwood - even the backs and bases - our chests will look great from every angle. Why not try it in a playroom as an elegant toy box or in the mudroom as a storage bench? When you think about it, it's really one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy.

Our trunks are designed using only 100% real hardwood and are made to match our exclusive furniture collections. We have more than 20 styles of chests to choose from, so browse our full collection to find the perfect timeless addition to your home decor.