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Dovetail joints on drawers, solid backs and bases.

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Dressers are indispensable items of furniture due to their great storage capabilities and timeless appeal. As a staple piece of bedroom furniture, or even as a great storage option in the living room or home office to keep things tidy, bedroom dressers are an ideal addition to any room around the home.

Wood dressers

We’ve designed our dressers with only 100% real hardwood used throughout. The drawer bases, backs and runners are all made out of the same wood as the tops and frontage. This means that there is no bending or bowing over time, and strength and durability is ensured. We also use real dovetail joints in all of our drawers for added performance as quality is so important to us.

Whether used to keep your clutter under control, store your belongings, or serve as a beautiful display surface, you can rest assured that when you buy a chest of drawers from us, our oak dressers are built to last. Made of 100% solid hardwood throughout, you know that it will be durable and look great from every angle. Dovetail joints feature in all of our drawers for the highest of strength, style and performance. The backs, bases and runners are also solid hardwood.

Oak chest of drawers

When buying a chest of drawers you should also consider the shape and how it will fit within your own space. If you're looking for something that will make the most of small tight spaces, then a tallboy, with narrow drawers stacked on top of each other, would be the way to go. This type of home storage is brilliant for and it does a great job storing stuff that would otherwise get lost in larger pieces. It will also help you categorize more effectively. On the other hand, a wide dresser will provide you with slightly more space for bulkier items and it will look great when placed near a bed due to its lower height.

If you have a corner-positioned chest of drawers and want to create height and add visual interest a tall vase with slender flowers, dried or fresh, is a great idea. Accompany with a gathering of smaller accessories that enrich the overall look. We love how these classic pieces complement the simple, rustic chic of this beautiful natural oak chest.

Bedroom dressers are also a great way to display artwork providing you get the balance right. For larger pieces position on the surface or hang around 8 inches above so it isn’t too removed from the rest of the display. Add a few minimalist accessories and a rug in neutral tones to draw the eye in. By combining a statement artwork with some of your favourite jewellery or trinkets, you can add personality and character to even the smallest corners of your room. Make sure the pieces are spaced evenly and don’t overwhelm the surface area. Consider adding accessories in complementing colours on the adjacent furniture to optimise the space further.

Our dressers are available in more than 20 styles to match all of our ranges, and in different sizes so you can use them around your home, even in a narrow hall. Whether you're looking for an oak, mango or painted (including grey, cream and white styles) dresser, we have exactly what you're looking for. Browse our selection and find the ideal bedroom dresser for you.