Wood Wax and Floor Pads

Wood Wax and Floor Pads

Solid hardwood care.

Wood wax and floor pads to help keep both your furniture and home pristine.

Keeping your furniture in good condition comes down to two main things: keeping it clean and keeping it nourished. Because we use high quality, natural materials in our products, such as leather and solid hardwood, these things need to be treated with a bit more attention than a cheap plastic piece from a bit box store. But don’t worry - it’s not complicated!

Our popular furniture wax polish: Keep your hardwood furniture looking its best, nourish the wood, and give it a protective sheen with our specially formulated wax polish.

And our floor pads are designed to protect your wood/laminate and linoleum flooring from scratches and gouges. They will also allow you to slide your furniture out for cleaning purposes plus they reduce the impact that the weight of furniture can have on your carpets too!

To make things easy for you, we'll select the correct shade of wax for your chosen hardwood when you visit the checkout.