Our Sourcing

We take a very keen interest in sourcing from areas where good and well-managed processes are provable.

Oak Furnitureland is the UK's largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture. Since our formation in 2002, we have expanded from operating exclusively online to opening in excess of 90 stores nationwide by the middle of 2016. Despite our rapid growth we remain very passionate about sourcing the highest quality furniture for our customers to enjoy.

We as a company take a very proactive approach in all aspects of our supply chain from the sourcing of timber through to the design and manufacture of our products. We conduct regular on site visits to our suppliers to ensure the timber used in our products is sourced from legal & verifiable sources. We work with our suppliers to ensure they have procedures in place to show full chain of custody from the origin of the hardwood through to the manufacturing process.

our code of conduct. We would never knowingly become involved in, collude with or procure timber from illegal logging operations. We will always ensure we comply with all applicable local, state, national laws and international conventions in the sourcing of our products. Should any supplier not adhere to our systems or fail to demonstrate the timber used is from legal sources, we move suppliers immediately or cease purchasing the products.

We also take all necessary steps to ensure the timber materials used in the manufacture of all our products meet the following requirements:

  • Derive from a known, identifiable & legal source;
  • Come from a species of timber that is not threatened as listed under CITIES or any other recognized international convention;
  • Do not come from an area or region where there is civil unrest or armed conflict;
  • Do not come from high conservation areas or protected forests as recognized by the national government.

When sourcing new suppliers we give preference to those who procure timber from low risk areas and also from well managed forests which have been verified under an industry recognized chain of custody programme.

As a major UK retailer of solid hardwood products, we are fully confident in our own systems which are constantly evolving and directed to all aspects of our supply chain. Our aim is to build long term relationships with our suppliers who share a common commitment to promote good practice in the management and supply of products and also minimize their impact on the environment.