French Farmhouse

French Farmhouse

Inspired by classic French design.

Properly made in solid rustic oak, with elegant cornices, subtle detailing, and arched bases.

The French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak collection is our interpretation of a classic French design. Inspired by the Louis Philippe period, French Farmhouse effortlessly combines elegant detailing and rustic charm.

Designed to look great in a period or contemporary setting, each piece is characterized by elegantly flared cornices, subtle inlaid detailing and arched bases. Only the finest premium grade oak timbers are used, which have been treated with a subtly stained wax for a warm, golden finish. (Please note that this means each piece will be slightly darker than items from our natural oak collections.)

Our skilled craftsmen use traditional, time-honored methods to ensure each piece is made to last a lifetime. These include resilient dovetail joints and solid oak runners on every drawer. The backs and bases are only made with real hardwood, so your French Farmhouse furniture will look great from every angle.

As with all of our furniture, you can match French Farmhouse pieces within the collection, or with any of our other rustic oak furniture collections which boast the same finish.