Natural Oak Furniture

Natural Oak Furniture

Our popular natural oak finish allows the beautiful wood grain to shine through.

Brings out the natural tones of the oak.

There’s a reason why our natural oak furniture is so popular - the beautiful look of the wood really shines through in this finish! All our natural oak furniture is finished with a special coat of clear protective wax, which allows even the finest details of the wood grain to shine through.

In our Bevel collection, our natural oak adds to the overall sleek and refined modern styling, rendered in simple shapes that show off the warm tones of the oak. The angled surfaces catch the light perfectly, showcasing the many faces of natural oak.

Our Romsey collection brings a timeless and elegant feel to our natural oak finish. The clear color of the finish allows design features such as paneling and beading to really stand out.

Finally, for those who love minimalist styles, our Alto collection is a testament to the power of natural oak, with the simple finish allowing the stunning finger joints to take center stage of the design. The look is light and airy, and natural oak fits many different colors and design schemes.