Sleek modern lines with brushed metal bar handles.

Natural solid oak using classic carpentry.

The Rivermead natural solid oak collection is a contemporary line of furniture crafted from A-grade solid oak, designed with sleek modern lines, smart paneling, and brushed metal bar handles.

Each piece is crafted using premium grade solid oak with dovetail joints in every drawer. Dovetail joints are traditionally used, highly-durable joints that ensure that the drawer will stand up to constant use over the years. The collection includes items for almost every room in the home; including oak dining tables, sideboards, glazed hutches, and storage units.

Our Rivermead collection is finished with our high quality natural wood wax, which brings out honeyed tones in the timbers and the striking wood grain patterns. In addition to choosing furniture within the Rivermead collection to match in any room, you can also match across our furniture lines that have the same finish. All of our natural solid oak pieces have the same finish, so feel free to match across Tokyo, Bevel, Alto, Galway, Fresco, Rivermead, Edinburgh, Oakdale, Cairo and Classic if you prefer.