Dining Tables

Dining Tables

Explore solid hardwood dining tables of all kinds. From extending to glass styles, they'll hold up to whatever family dinner throws at them.

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Wooden dining tables

We know there's a lot more to your average dining table than meets the eye. It's more than just a place to grab a bite at the end of a long day, it wears as many hats as you do! Whether that's the centre of family meals, the makeshift home office, or the launchpad for your new business, a dining table is a real focal point in your home. With our large selection of solid hardwood dining tables, available in smaller and larger sizes, including extendable and round tables, you'll find the perfect table to complement your décor and create a focal point for social gatherings.

Which is exactly why we go the extra mile with our above-average selection of tables, made only from 100% solid hardwood. Since real life doesn't always come with a set of matching placemats and coasters - though they do help - our dining tables are made to stand up to life's everyday knocks, with protective wax finishes, and the top quality timbers that will keep turning heads hear after year.

Rustic dining tables

With rustic dining furniture, the darker finishes really bring out the grain of the wood, presenting a contrast of textures found in nature. For a country cottage feel that’s more elegant than eclectic, our French Farmhouse rustic dining table is true to the classic flair of the collection thanks to its thoughtful cornices, inlaid details and arched base, welcoming six to eight guests for dinner.

Discover looks that will fit every home from the modern traditional to the stylish studio. We have a large selection of 100% solid hardwood dining tables, all made to our exacting standards. We're picky about what comes into our homes! Find smaller sizes - like 3ft and 4ft tables for compact dining rooms, all the way through to larger sizes - like 5ft and 6ft dining tables, seating from 4 to 12 people. A great option for entertaining larger groups without compromising on everyday space is to buy an extendable dining table, which can be lengthened by using one or two leaves independently, meaning you have even more dining options. We’ve designed ours with exceptional build quality, with easy-to-use extending mechanisms with a smooth and simple action.

Enjoy the clean lines and ageless looks of natural solid oak dining tables, or explore our other style offerings, made with the same attention to detail and quality construction our furniture is known for. Explore the unique finish of hardwood mango, or add some colour to your space with our gorgeous painted hardwood tables.

With more than twenty ranges to explore, we know you'll find a look you'll love. If you're looking for something to blend in with our favourite pieces, or are looking to start fresh, an Oak Furnitureland dining table is the perfect focal point. It's as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. Browse our full range of 100% solid hardwood dining tables today and find the perfect solution for your family. And don't forget about our premium white glove delivery options to your dining room.