Recliner Sofas

Recliner Sofas

Relax with your feet up – manual and power recliner sofas.

Leather all over or soft, durable fabric.

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The ultimate in laid-back luxury, our wide selection of recliner sofas boasts clever designs that let you stretch out and relax at the touch of a button.

Boasting the best in reclining technology, easy-to-operate mechanisms allow you to set the backs of the sofas close to the wall without damaging it. You can also adjust the integrated footrests to your desired height.

Take your pick from manual or power reclining sofas, also available in loveseat sizes for those who need something smaller or to complement a larger recliner.

Fabric recliner sofas

Sit back and relax with our super-comfy fabric recliner sofas. Perfect for lazy lounging days, each recliner couch is made using the highest quality materials to ensure they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Our collection of fabric recliner sofas is destined to be your go-to relaxation spot at the end of a long day. Available with both manual and power recliners, they provide maximum comfort with minimum effort to operate. The Oak Furnitureland collection of fabric reclining sofas come in a variety of dreamy colours, including oatmeal, silver, and charcoal.

Leather reclining sofas

Make the most of your downtime with one of our luxurious leather reclining sofas. Available in a variety of attractive colours and sizes, these recliner leather couches make a stylish statement in any home.

The Oak Furniture Land leather recliner sofas collection is the stuff dreams are made of. Spacious, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish, they are designed to offer you the ultimate in relaxation at the end of a long day.

Available in tones such as cream, grey, brown, burgundy and black, there’s sure to be a couch that perfectly matches your living room interior design. With a one-touch button mechanism and USB ports for charging your favourite tech on certain models, our leather recliners are super convenient.

Premium materials

We pride ourselves on the quality of our furniture, and so each of our fabric and leather recliners is made from premium materials. The frame is built using the finest cuts of hardwood, while the seats themselves are packed with serpentine springs to guarantee optimum support.

High-quality foam and fibre-filled cushions are designed to hold their shape, and offer maximum comfort for those long movie nights in. Finished with 100% genuine leather, our recliner sofas are durable enough to ensure decades of enjoyment.

All our fabric recliner sofas are made using premium fabrics, solid hardwood frames, and luxuriously comfortable cushions, which are designed to withstand warping and creaking for many years to come.

Power recliners sofas

Our power recliners do all the hard work for you. Simply touch the button on the side of the chair and stretch out in the perfect position. The innovative electric mechanism is quiet, smooth, and can be stopped at any point to find your most comfortable resting position.

Manual recliner sofas

Our manual recliners use the same style of operation as our power recliners, so you can mix and match the two different styles for a matching look. Operate the button to elevate the footrest and lean to move the seat back.