Fabric Sofas

Fabric Sofas

Soft, durable fabric.

Always properly made – for life

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Fabric sofa sets

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a soft sumptuous sofa at the end of the day. We love that cozy feeling that a perfect fabric sofa has, and have worked hard to design a collection of beautiful sofas that bring that to life.

All of our fabric sofas use only the highest quality upholstery materials, so you know you are bringing only the best pieces into your home. Using flat weave technology, the fabrics have a soft and touchable finish, not to mention best in class durability for a longer-lasting sofa. Many come with complimentary cushions to complete your living room look.

When it comes to your sofa, comfort is key, which is why we’ve designed several different styles of cushion so that everyone can sit back and relax. When life gets busy, the last thing you want to do is be plumping your sofa cushions, which is why we’ve exclusively designed a dual foam seat cushion for many of our sofas, combining a high resilience foam for a springy feeling and excellent support, with a softer deeper foam top, which really lets you sink in comfort - it’s a truly luxurious feeling!

For those all about sinking into a cozy, cloud-like linen sofa at the end of the day, then our foam and fiber styles might be perfect for you. Made from the same high resilience foam of our dual foam cushions, these are topped with a deep layer of polyester fiber for a lovely lived-in look.

Those shopping for fixed seat recliners are all designed with sumptuous pocket sprung seat cushions for unrivaled comfort and support. We pack an impressive amount of individual pocket springs into each seat to guarantee support across the entire surface.

Finally, to create that sink-in feeling, perfect at the end of a long day, some of our fabric sofas use high-quality polyester fiber cushioning, specially selected due to its high comfort rating. Enjoy the many fiber seat backs and arms that feature throughout our sofa collections for added comfort.